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November 5, 2009

Media Release

Citizens Sign to Save the View

The Coalition to Save the View collected 787 signatures in opposition to the proposed downtown 14- and 18-storey convention centre towers in a mere four-hour period at the Halifax Farmers Market this week.

Howard Epstein, MLA for Halifax Chebucto, will present 358 signatures to the Legislative Assembly at 1 p.m. today. Leonard Preyra, MLA for Halifax Citadel, Sable Island, presented 799 signatures on October 13. The total number of signatures presented to the Legislature is 1157.
“People don’t want their tax dollars used to block their view,” said Peggy Cameron, spokesperson for the Coalition. “People care about the view from Citadel Hill and they expect their governments to protect it. People have been lining up to sign to stop these towers.”

The provincial government has issued a request for a proposal to Rank Group to construct a new convention centre on the former Halifax Herald and Midtown Tavern blocks in downtown Halifax. If this proposal is accepted by the government, Rank will be permitted to construct two towers on the site, a 14-storey office tower and an 18-storey hotel tower.

The NDP has also asked Ottawa to help pay for the P3 or public private partnership project, even though previously the NDP has opposed past P3 projects.

Though located between viewplanes, these towers would block about four times as much of the view from Citadel Hill as the Aliant tower. The towers would block most of the iconic view of George’s Island and the central harbour from the roadway on Citadel Hill.

The petition reads: “Members of the House of Assembly, Province House, Halifax, B3J 2Y3: Today, residents and visitors enjoy the centre harbour view of George’s Island from the roadway on Citadel Hill. If public funds are used to support a convention centre on this site, two towers of 14 and 18 storeys will be allowed to block the view. I am a resident of _____________ and I urge you not to use public funds to allow a private developer to block the view of the centre harbour and George’s Island from Citadel Hill.”

The coalition is made up of community groups and individuals and has 400 members on its Facebook site Help Save the View from Citadel Hill.

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