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Posted October 20, 2013

The developer for the proposed convention centre is asking for more exemptions from HRM by Design By-Laws. His proposed new design is wider, higher and will straddle Grafton Street. The provincial AG asked for an independent review. When in opposition the liberals and conservatives supported this request. The convention centre cannot be built unless the private developer gets money from the government - our money.

Take Action:

Attend the public meeting on the proposed changes:

Thursday, October 24, at 7pm Dalhousie University - Computer Science Building, 6050 University Avenue

Tell HRM staff that they must recommend that the application be rejected.  There is no appeal process if Council approves breaking the rules for Rank.

Here are 3 additional actions you can take if you cannot attend the meeting:

1. Call the Premier’s office: 424.6600
2. Write a letter to the Premier and copy it to the Mayor, the HRM Council and newspapers.

3. Join the facebook group: Help Save the View from Citadel Hill

Action number 1: 

Premier McNeil’s office: 424.6600 as well as
Mayor Savage’s office: 490-6413


Action number 2: 

Write to ask that no more rules be changed and no public money be spent on a project that uses tax dollars to build a convention centre until the recommendations of the Provincial Auditor General, Jacque Lapointe have been followed. These include a recomendation that a full and independent analysis of the business case for a new convention centre be conducted.

Letters should be no more than 200 words and should include your full name, address and day-time phone number.

+ copy your letter to your own MLA:
A listing of all MLAs can be found at: www.gov.ns.ca/legislature/members/directory

+ write to the local media



Write to our new Premier (who showed support for the Auditor General's recommendations).

Premier Stephen McNeil
Office of the Premier
Box 726, Halifax NS, B3J 2T3

E-mail Address: premier@gov.ns.ca


Mayor Mike Savage and Council: clerks@halifax.ca

Action number 3: 

Join our facebook group:
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